Align Chakra Gift Set


This 8 piece Waistbead Set includes :

Root Chakra- Red

we have the right to be secure emotionally. Financially and spiritually. Tap into your root with the passionate color that is red.

Sacral Chakra- Orange

belly laughs, orgasms, and ugly cries. Our womb space vibrates and manifests our reality. Create your reality 


Solar Plexus- Yellow

conjuring confidence from your diaphragm. The power source for pushing forward!

Heart Chakra- Green

love, compassion and forgiveness...toward your self..yes, you sis. 

Throat Chakra- Turquoise 

Communication; speak up for yourself, drink more water and get some fresh air. You’ll be surprised how opening the throat chakra will allow other chakras to flow. 

Third Eye Chakra- Cobalt Blue

You are a divine creature and Goddess gave you a powerful gift called INTUITION. Lean into it, it serves us well. 

Crown Chakra- Purple 

Reach for the highest parts of yourself.. when you find what works for you, put it on the the top shelf

Chakra Ciper- All colors represented by each Chakra are placed on one strand. 

  • Learn how to tie your waistbead

    Please see our tutorial on tying here