Hours of Adornment

Open Studio Dates are subject to change and are  announced on our Instagram Page on Sundays @nyaraiwaistbeads






SATURDAY - 1-5 pmwalk ins welcome 

SUNDAY - 1-5pm walk ins welcome 



Questions about Strands

They are magical because YOU are full of magic. But, No the waistbead strands will not help you to literally loose weight.They increase your awareness of self and encourage you to trust your intuition.   When we wear waistbeads and  have consumed enough food, drink and stress, the strands will begin to feel tighter or roll up towards your breasts. When this happens it is time to take inventory of how our bodies react to certain foods, look inward and look at WHY we may over consume, and where in our lives we can begin to heal.

Yes, when you purchase a waistbead at our studio or at a Pop Up we will lovingly tie your strands on as a part of the experience. 

Waistbead Tying Ceremonies and an array of healing services will be available starting in 2020 at The Waistbead Alter - Nyarai Design Studio located in Atlanta GA.

We also have a How To Tie video on our website and on our Instagram page, check it out.

No problem beauty, it's simple.

Grab a measuring tape and measure your torso where you'd like your waistbeads to lay. We will add 3 inches just in case you change your mind.

Be sure to add your waist measurement in the box when purchasing your beads.

Here's a video you can watch on the measuring process.

My Essence. Your Power. Our Femininity

Shipping + handling

Every online order is made to order, please allow 5-7 Business Days to process your order.

We can ship anywhere in the world but rates vary according to distance. We use UPS and Federal Express, depending on the destination country.  Please contact us for specific rates.